Carrom an internationally emerging indoor game, which is presumed to be originated in Indian sub-continent about two hundred years ago. B. Bangaru, the pioneer-organiser of Indian Carrom Federation, established the International Carrom Federation (ICF) in 1988. He was the founder general secretary of the Federation.

A smooth squire size (74 cm x 74 cm) plain plywood or wood made board is needed to play this game. It needs two teams comprising one or two persons in each side for playing Carrom. The elements needed for playing Carrom are: Carrom board, Carrom men or ghuti, striker, board stand, chair, boric powder, pocket nets, light and light stand etc. In this game of carrom we find a number of terms like: Board, break, finish, planning, pocketing, push, queen, due, penalty, covering, shot, pair, canon, thumbing, turn, chief referee, umpire, hand, finger, imaginary lines, stroke, white slam, black slam etc. The game can be played in singles (two players) or doubles (four players). It has to be played by sitting position on tool or chair. The official rules of carrom set by the ICF are followed for playing carrom.

Carrom is one of those popular indoor games that are played in Bangladesh. It is played in this country for about more than one hundred years. The lCF organises this game internationally. Bangladesh Carrom Association (BCA) was established in 1990. Shaikh Abdus Salam was the founder president of this organisation.

A regular financial allocation was made for Bangladesh Carrom Federation (BFC) since 1998-1999 in annual budget of National Sports Council (NSC). In 1999 the NSC allotted a room at the National Hockey Stadium (Maulana Bhashani Stadium) for Carrom Federation as its office.

Bangladesh Carrom Federation participates in various international tournaments. It also organised the National Carrom Championship from 1999. Seventy-three teams from all over the country (Male/Female, Singles/ Doubles) took part in the first tournament. The Bangladesh Carrom Team participated in the 5th SAARC Countries Championship at Male in 2001. Bangladesh participated the 4th World Carrom Championship at Colombo in 2004. Seventeen teams from all over the world participated in this championship. Bangladesh won the 3rd position there. An Inter-country Test Match was held at Savar, Dhaka between Bangladesh and England in 2004. The Maldives Carrom Federation organised the 1st Asian Carrom Championship in Male in 2005. Bangladesh showed a tremendous performance at this championship at this championship and became runner-up there.

Bangladesh Carrom Federarion is a regular member of Asian Carrom Confederation and International Carrom Federation. [Shaikh Abdus salam]