Centre for Urban Studies

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Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) an independent research and training organisation established on 13 May 1972 at Dhaka. CUS is the pioneer organisation in Bangladesh focusing on problems of urbanisation, urban poverty, slums and squatter settlements. It has evolved into a multidisciplinary centre, specially concerned with urban studies and related disciplines. The main objectives of CUS are: to promote and organise scientific research on various problems and issues pertaining to urbanisation and development; to disseminate knowledge acquired through such research; to provide training in the field of urban and regional studies, planning, development and management; and to provide consultancy services pertaining to urban and regional planning and development.

The Centre conducts basic and applied research on urban and regional issues. It cooperates with universities, individual scholars and research institutions both within and outside the country on matters of research and other common professional interests. It offers training through lectures, seminars, workshops and field studies to its members and other interested personnel, on the design and methodology of theoretical and empirical research related to urban and regional problems. It runs advocacy campaigns on its own or with other similar organisations. The Centre organises and also participates in public exhibitions on urban and regional themes for the dissemination of knowledge and information on such themes and issues.

CUS maintains a reference library. It has an Urban Information and Data Cell to assist researchers and other interested individuals or organisations. The Centre also has its own publication programme. [Sultana Nasrin Baby]