Chakrabarty, Tarapada

Tarapada Chakrabarty

Chakrabarty, Tarapada (1908-1975) vocalist and musician, was born in a family of musicians in the village of Kotalipara in faridpur and received his first music lessons from his father, Pundit Dhrubachandra. Later he took lessons from Satkari Malakar and Girija Shabkar Chakrabarty.

Tarapada Chakrabarty went to Calcutta at the age of 17 where he established himself as a tabla player. Afterwards, he joined Calcutta Radio with the help of Raichand Baral, a well-known musician. He continued to take music lessons and soon became famous as a vocalist. He introduced Bangla kheyal and thumri . His favorite ragas were Chayahindol, Navamalika, Navashri, but he also created a number of new ragas.   [[Image:ChakrabartyTarapada.jpg|thumbnail|300px|right|Tarapada Chakrabarty]     Tarapada Chakrabarty accompanied musicians such as ustad enayet khan, ustad alauddin khan, and Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan on the tabla. He was also a music teacher. He wrote a book on music titled Suratirtha.

In recognition of his contributions to music, he was honoured with several awards by cultural organisations, including the Pundit Society of Bhatpara, west bengal, the Sangeet Parishad, comilla and Vidvat Sammilani. In 1972 he became a member of the Sabgeet Natak Academy of Delhi. [Mobarak Hossain Khan]