Chakrapani Datta

Chakrapani Datta (11th century) Ayurveda physician and sanskrit scholar, was born in the village of Mayureshwar in the varendra region, son of Narayan Datta, the head of the kitchen of Nayapala, the king of Gauda. Naradatta, a courtier of the king, was Chakrapani's spiritual guide.

Chakrapani's best known books on ancient medical science are Chikitsasamgraha (Collection of medical practices and procedures), Dravyaguna (Properties of plants), and Sarvasarsamgraha (Collection of the essence of things). Chikitsasamgraha, better known as Chakradatta, incorporates sections from two rare Ayurvedic books: Charakanyasa and Vrddhasushruta. Chakrapani was awarded the titles Charakachaturanana and Sushrutasahasranayana for Charakatattvapradipika and Bhanumati, which were annotations on Charakasamhita and Sushruta respectively.

Chakrapani also made significant contributions to Sanskrit grammar and nyaya philosophy. One of his famous books is Vyakaranatattvachandrika (Treatise on theories on grammar). It is believed that he also annotated Gautam's Nyayasutra and compiled the dictionary Shabdachandrika. [Monoranjan Ghosh]