Chhutikhani Mahabharata

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Chhutikhani Mahabharata (c 1520 AD) Bangla translation of the Sanskrit mahabharata by Shrikar Nandi. Because Srikar Nandi did the work for his patron, Chhuti Khan, a local potentate of Chittagong, the poem is generally known as Chhutikhani Mahabharata.

Chhuti Khan was attracted by the 'Ashvamedha' section of the Mahabharata, one of the eighteen sections of the original Mahabharata, which elaborately discusses war and peace. Accordingly, Srikar Nandi composed the section in Bangla to please his patron.

Chhutikhani Mahabharata describes how Arjun set out to conquer the whole world in order to stage a horse sacrifice. The poet vividly describes Arjun's war with different kings, the tactics he employs in war, and his victories. The poem, which is composed in payar and tripadi rhyme, was very popular during the 16th century. [Kalpana Bhowmik]