Chowdhury, Ahindra Natasurya

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Ahindra Chowdhury

Chowdhury, Ahindra Natasurya (1895-1974) actor, director, author, was born on 12 August 1895 in Kolkata. He was known as 'Natasurya' for his superb acting. He studied briefly at London Missionary School, but left it to join acting in theatre. He acted on stage, in jatra, as well as on screen. He acted in plays such as Karnarjun, Shriramachandra, Ashok, Chakravyuha, Sajahan, Maharaj Nandakumar, Chandragupta, Misharkumari, etc. His last stage performance was in the title role in Sajahan. He also acted in movies such as Priyatama, Tatinir Bichar, Sonar Sangsar, Shes Uttar, and Rajnartaki. Ahindra Chowdhury directed and acted in the film Soul of a Slave (1922). In 1954 Ahindra Chowdhury was appointed principal of Music-Theatre Academy, west Bengal.

He was made Girish Lecturer at calcutta university in 1957. The lectures delivered by him have been published under the title of Babgla Natya Bibartane Girish Chandra. He also wrote an autobiography: Nijere Haraye Khunji. The Music-Theatre Academy gave him an award in 1958, and on the occasion of the theatre centennial in 1972, he was awarded the Star Theatre Award. Ahindra Chowdhury also received an honorary doctorate degree from Rabindra Bharati University. He died on 5 November 1974 in Kolkata. [Badiuzzaman]