Company Kuthi

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Company Kuthi also called Neel-Kuthi, factory and office building of the English east india company, situated at Dalalpur in the Panam area of sonargaon, a few yards north of Dalalpur Bridge on the eastern side of the road.

The East India Company established a factory at Panam for the purchase of muslin and initially hired a house for the purpose. The present building was built by the Company wherein they set their office and godown, and subsequently used for trading in indigo.

It is a quadrangular two storeyed brick building with an arcaded courtyard inside. It has a flat front facade with regular arched recesses for window and door openings. The rear of the building is fortified with blank wall surfaces. The main entrance of the building is on the road, and there is a side entry on the middle of the north wall next to the stair to upper floor. There is a row of prominent merlon decoration on the parapet. The contour of the main arches of the facade is often decorated with cusped designs. The building is an example of Mughal architecture with local decorative features. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]