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Cucumber (shasa) a summer vegetable, Cucumis sativus, of the family Cucurbitaceae, a native of South Asia, rich in vitamin C, calcium and carbohydrate. Cucumber can be grown on a variety of soils but loamy soil is preferred for good quality fruit.

Seeds are directly sown in the field during February-April to grow the crop; sometimes grown by transplanting 15-20 days old seedlings. Some important local varieties are Baromasi, Barsati, and Patia giant. Some F1 hybrids of different foreign seed companies are also grown. 

A relatively short duration crop, harvesting begins between 45 and 55 days after seed sowing; yield ranges between 10 and 12 m tons/ha. Cucumber is consumed fresh as salad, and after cooking with fish or other vegetable; it is also used as an ingredient of pickles. [AKM Matiar Rahman]

See also vegetable.