Dabir-i-Khas a royal prestigious post under the sultanate of Delhi signifying the private secretary of the sultan. During the sultanat period Diwan-i-Insha was the third important department dealt with royal correspondence. Dabir-i-khas presided over this department. Every sovereign order was drafted in this department, and after receiving the approval of the sultan, it was copied in a register and then dispatched. The duty of drafting was given to Dabir-i-khas. In course of time the duties of the department increased, and so a number of assistants called dabir were appointed. The Dabir-i-khas acquired such familiarity with the affairs of the state that his post was sometimes taken as a stepping-stone to the high post of wazir. In Bengal also there was a functionary post known as Dabir-i-khas. The reference of the post is occationally found in the sixteenth century literature. In the Chaitanya-bhagabata of Brindaban Das one Rupa Goswami is introduced as Dabir-i-khas of sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah (1493-1519AD). [Abdul Karim]