Dakatia River

Dakatia River one of the trans-boundary rivers of Bangladesh. It enters the country from India's tripura state at Bagsara of comilla district. It is a tributary of the Meghna. The main source of flow of this river was the Kakrai, but the Little Feni cuts back and captured its upper portion. The Dakatia now has its source in Chauddagram Khal, which connects it with the Little Feni. The Dakatia sends out a channel southward, which forms the Noakhali Khal. The main channel meanders westward to Shekherhat, from where the old course goes south to join the Meghna at Raipur, and the new and stronger channel passes through Chandpur Khal to join the Meghna west of Chandpur town. Total length of the Dakatia is about 207 km. Tidal currents feed the Dakatia through the Meghna for three-fourths of the year. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in surma-meghna river system.