Das, Jnanendra Mohan

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Das, Jnanendra Mohan (1872-1939) writer and lexicographer, was born at Sikder Bagan, Kolkata, but grew up in Allahabad, his father';s place of work. He continued to stay at Allahabad, working as a clerk in the office of the Inspector General of Police. He also started writing, contributing to the prabasi.

After he retired, Jnanendra Mohan settled down at Agorpara near Kolkata and started work on a Bangla dictionary. Bangla Bhasar Abhidhan (1917), containing 75,000 words, took twenty years to complete. Jnanendra Mohan later published an expanded second edition (1937), consisting of 150,000 words. This dictionary is still popular today. In addition to compiling this dictionary, Jnanendra Mohan also compiled a bilingual dictionary giving the meanings of English words in both English and Hindi.

Jnanendra Mohan's other books include Rddhi (1909), Charitra Gathan (1909), Babger Bahire Babgali (1915), Ibreeo Dharma (1919), Srstitattve Purana O Bijvan (1919) and Pranider Antarer Katha (1921). He also edited Meghnadbadh Kavya by michael madhusudan dutt. [Sushanta Sarker]