Datta, Brajamohan

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Datta, Brajamohan (1826-1886) philanthropist and social worker. Brajamohan Datta adorned both the posts of Deputy Magistrate and Sub-judge. In his days, becoming a Deputy Magistrate and a Sub-judge for a Bengali was considered to ascend to the highest position in governmental service. Brajamohan Datta ascended to that peak. He was born in the village of Batajore under Gaurnadi Upazila in the district of Barisal. He played a role in making Patuakhali a subdivision in 1867. During his service life, he was posted in Patuakhali, Jessore, Bishnupur and Rangpur. He retired from government service as Sub-judge and thereafter lived mostly in Benares. Independent-minded Brajamohan did not let his son Aswini Kumar Datta to take up any service, rather advised him to engage himself in legal profession.

Brajamohan's contribution to social work and spread of education is remembered with reverence. He supplied monetary assistance for the brick-built Middle English School at Batajore and founded a Scholarship of Rs. 40 (a considerable amount of money at that time) for the spread of female education in Bengal. Benevolent Brajamohan Datta purchased a steamer for Rs. 10,000 which plied from Patuakhali to Dhaka via. Shikarpur and Taltala and thus facilitated easy communication for the people of Patuakhali to Dhaka. Barisal BM School and Barisal BM College established by Aswini Kumar after Brajamohan Datta continue to bear witness to the achievements of this great son of the soul. [Delwar Hussain]