Datta, Ullaskar

Ullaskar Datta

Datta, Ullaskar (1885-1965) nationalist and a revolutionary, was born in Baghbari of Village Kalikachha under Sarail Upazila of Brahmanbaria district on 16 April 1885. Ullaskar took part in revolutionary activities, including the swadeshi movement following the partition of bengal (1905).

Ullaskar, during this time, used the false name of ‘Abhiram’. It was the bomb made by him, which kshudiram basu used on 30 April 1908 and killed two English women taking their car to be that of Kingsford, a magistrate. The police arrested Ullaskar on this charge on 2 May from his hideout at Muraripukur Bagan. On the very next day Mr. Kennedy, a barrister and his wife were shot and killed at Muzaffarpur. All these incidents stirred up the entire British community living in Bengal.

The police was able to find out the secret arms manufacturing depot at Maniktala. Detective investigation revealed that the bomb exploded by Kshudiram on 30 April was made by Ullaskar Datta. Ullaskar, along with Kshudiram and Barin Ghosh, was sentenced to death in the Maniktala (Alipur) Bomb Case. But though Kshudiram was executed on 11 August, the pronouncement against Ullaskar Datta, was minimised to transportation for life. Ullaskar was expatriated to the Andamans together with Barindra Kumar Ghosh in 1909. He was set free in 1920.

Ullaskar returned to his Baghbari house at Kalikachha at the close of colonial rule on 14 August 1947. He spent a lonely life for long ten years there and then left for Calcutta with the intention of leading the rest of his life in his old akhda. He breathed his last at Calcutta on 17 May 1965. [Shekh Muhammad Sayed Ullah Litu]