Dauki River

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Dauki River a small hilly river that originates in the southwestern region of the shillong plateau AU in Lower Assam. It enters Bangladesh at Jaflong in jaintiapur upazila of sylhet district. The river is named according to the Dauki Fault System that borders the country and separates Meghalaya all along the northern border of greater Sylhet. The fault also defines the southern margin of shillong plateau. The Dauki is generally a hilly river with a rather strong current. In Bangladesh it shows a somewhat meandering pattern.

The river flows southwest to sunamganj district. In the monsoon the heavy rainfall in the upper catchment intensifies the discharge of the river to such an extent that it can carry large boulders from the hills of the Shillong Plateau. These boulders are then collected for use in construction. The water of the river is very clear as it receives a continuous flow from the upper catchment. From the aesthetic point of view this river and the adjoining area is an attractive site for people to visit. Every year thousands of people come here for picnic and enjoy the beauty of nature, particularly in winter. [Kazi Matinuddin Ahmed]

See map in surma-meghna river system.