Daulat Shah Bin Maudud

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Daulat Shah Bin Maudud (1229-1230) was the governor of Bengal under Delhi Sultan iltutmish and took over power in 1229 after the death of Prince nasiruddin mahmud shah. Nothing is known about his antecedents. It appears that he was a Khalji noble loyal to the authority of the Delhi Sultanate. He is known to have issued a coin bearing the date 627 AH (1230 AD). In this coin he styled himself Sultan and took the Persian title Shah-in-Shah and used the title Sultan-ul-Azam for the Delhi Sultan Iltutmish. Daulat Shah tried to re-establish Khalji supremacy in Bengal and to placate Iltutmish by accepting his nominal allegiance. But another Khalji noble named Ikhtiyaruddin balka khalji soon expelled him. [ABM Shamsuddin Ahmed]