Dinajpur Zila School

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Dinajpur Zila School the first English school of the Dinajpur district. It was founded in 1854 at Pratap House of the town by the initiative of Raja Tarakanath and some local persons interested in education. The government took over the school in 1856 and turned it into Dinajpur Zila School. Initially there were 126 students and only six teachers. The number of students rose to 143 in the next year and to 354 at the end of the century. At present, about 2000 students in Humanities, Science and Commerce groups are studying in the school. There are now 53 teachers and 12 non-teaching staffs in the school. The result of students in the Board examinations is although satisfactory. Candidates from this school stood first among all the students of the different Boards for more than once. After the liberation the percentage of successful candidates rose over to 95%.

Even after the nationalisation of the school the financial endowments from the Raja and the zaminders continued to be in operation to the school throughout the nineteenth century. Most of the structures of the school were built in late 20th century or early 21st century. The main building now accommodating head master's chamber, office room and library was built at the time of Raja Baiyanath (1760-1780) as Kachari or revenue office of the Raja. A student hostel built in 1910 is still in use. The school campus bears a special feature in the three dimensional map of the sub-continent measuring 1600 square feet (230400 in²) and indicating its comparative natural phenomenon. [Muhammad Lutful Haq]