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Durjansingh son of Raja mansingh and a general in the imperial army of akbar, showed valour in battles against the Afghans in Orissa. During the viceroyalty of his father he was given a fief in Bengal in 1594. In 1596 Durjansingh captured the fort of Kakruya. The young general also succeeded in recapturing the fort of Bhusna from Sulaiman Khan Nuhani and Kedar Rai on 20 June 1596. In September 1597 he was sent to attack isa khan's base at katrabo near Dhaka. Despite some initial success he was finally defeated and killed by Isa Khan in a fierce naval engagement, twelve miles off Vikrampur on 5 September 1597. [AA Sheikh Md. Asrarul Hoque Chisti]