Elliott, Sir Charles Alfred

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Elliott, Sir Charles Alfred (1835-1911) civilian and Lieutenant Governor of Bengal (1890-1895). Educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, Charles Alfred Elliott was one of the earliest appointees to the Indian Civil Service through open competitive examinations. He got selection for Bengal in 1856. Before he joined as Lieutenant Governor of Bengal on 18 December 1890, Elliott held many superior positions including those of Secretary to the famine commission, 1878, Census Commissioner (1880), Chief Commissioner of Assam (1881) and Member of the Governor General's Council (1887).

Elliott's regime passed quite peacefully and was mostly characterized by survey and settlement operations of Bengal districts, Census of 1891, Lushai affairs, enlistment of the anglo-indians in British regiments, prosecution of the Bangabasi for 'seditious' reports, reform of Chaukidari Act, 1870, completion of the Khidirpore docks (1891-92), Labour Inquiry Commission (1896) and so on. Sir Charles Alfred Elliott died on 28 May 1911. [Sirajul Islam]