Ellis, Sir Thomas Hobart

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Ellis, Sir Thomas Hobart (1894-?) jurist, acting Governor of East Pakistan. Born on 11 October 1894 at Farsley near Leeds, Thomas Hobart Ellis was educated in the Manchester Grammar School. He graduated from the Queens College of Oxford in 1917 and joined the Indian Civil Service in 1919. Hobart Ellis served as sub divisional officer in different districts and was later appointed as additional sessions judge in Jessore district. Ellis was appointed chairman of the Debt Settlement Board in 1938 and special officer of the office of Air Raid Precautions (ARP) in February 1942. He became additional judge of the Calcutta High Court (1944-1947) and later a judge of the Dhaka High Court (1947-1953). Hobart Ellis was appointed chairman of the Inquiry Committee constituted to enquire into the police firing on students demonstration in Dhaka on 21 February 1952. He was appointed as Chief Justice of the Dhaka High Court in 1953 to continue till 1954 when he was put on as Special Officer of the Pakistan Government (1955- 1957). The British Government conferred upon him the title of 'Knight Bachelor' in 1953.

Sir Thomas Hobart Ellis was appointed Acting Governor of East Pakistan on 21 September 1954 and took oath of office on 25 October. He continued to serve as such till 22 December 1954. [Abu Jafar]