Fidai Khan

Fidai Khan was the subahdar of Bengal (1627-1628). His real name was Mirza Hedayetullah. He rose to prominence under the patronage of Mahabbat Khan and held the important post of Mir Bahr-i-Nawarah(mir-bahr) or Admiral of the Fleet of the Mughals. He was appointed subahdar of Bengal in 1627 at the death of Mukarram Khan. He remitted from Bengal a sum of five lakh rupees yearly for jahangir and an equal amount for Nur Jahan. From this time onward the personal tributes of the subahdars of Bengal were fixed at that sum. Fidai Khan ruled Bengal for about a year. Soon after the death of Jahangir, he was transferred from Bengal and was replaced by qasim khan jwini. [MA Taher]