Floriculture cultivation of flowers or flowering plants. Trades in floriculture involve mainly cut flowers, foliage plants, propagules of ornamental plants, and production inputs like chemicals, growing media, pots, etc. In Bangladesh, both amateur and commercial floriculture is still in its nascent stage. The demand for foliage plants, cutflowers (mainly rose, tube rose, orchid and gladiolus) and seeds of seasonal flowers is increasing slowly. Limited quantity of rose and tube rose is being exported to the Middle East and Europe. Private nurseries are coming up to meet the domestic and potential export demand in the future. Scientific research and training that are prerequisites for developing a modern floriculture industry is almost non-existent in Bangladesh. However bangladesh agricultural research institute has opened a section for floriculture recently.

Cutflowers sale centre

Cutflower Bunched flowers or cluster of flowers marketed in the form of bouquets, garlands, or in other attractive floral designs. Cutflower business got its origin in this country through the sell of such commodities in the premises of holy shrines or places for devotees who used to visit such places.

Cutflowers started becoming popular to the general public since the independence of Bangladesh. Locally collected flowers along with the import of cultivated cutflowers made the beginning of commercial trade of cutflowers in this country.

Gradually the farmers of Bangladesh started cultivating flowers in commercial scale to meet the demand of the capital city, and other cities and towns of the country. Recently Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute has opened Floriculture Research Centre to promote commercial cultivation of flowers. Among the locally produced cutflowers being traded regularly in commercial scale, the following are common: Rose (Rosa multiflora) include varieties Mirindy, Lincon, Papa Milland, Paseali, and Vargo; Gladiolus (Gladiolus primulinus) of several varieties and different colours; Marigold (Tagates patula, T. erecta), varieties commonly cultivated are yellow, red, and orange; Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium), of varieties Biarritz yellow, Ellen, Euro, and green peas; and tube rose (Polianthes tuberosa) of varieties 'single' and 'double'. lotus (Nelambo nucifera) has recently been included in commercial sales.

Flowers locally known as Karobi, Jasmin, Kamini, water lily, Dolonchapa, Golden champa, Dhalia, and Zinnia are also occasionally available. [Mamun-ur Rashid and Abul Khair]

See also garden flowers; rose; wild flower.