Games and Sports

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Games and Sports are not only the source of entertainment but also the source of gaining energy and strength to work hard and to achieve bodily growth and physical fitness. Before the advent of mechanical age, people travelled miles after miles on foot from one place to another. Athletics became a popular form of sports event in the life of ancient Greek city-states. They used to organise sports competition regularly. This trend later expended worldwide with the invention of more games and sports event. In nineteenth century a Frenchman named Pierre de Coubertin worked hard to establish International Olympic Association. The first ever-Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896 and Marathon was the only event.

Sports of Bangladesh After the independence Bangladesh Sports Control Board (BSCB) was established in 1972 and some important and popular games federations were formed at that time. These include: Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Boxing, Cricket, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Wrestling, Body building, Chess, Kabadi and Judo. Later the following federations or associations were formed Archery, Carom, Billiard and Snooker, Handball, Karate, Squash Racket, Tennis, Taekwondo, Cycling, Golf, Kite-flying, Fencing Deaf and Dumb, Rowing, Wushu and Bridge. The BSCB later turned into National Sports Council (NSC). The Ministry of Youth and Sports was also crated later for the smooth promotional of sports in the country.

A huge number of athletes take part in the inter school, college and university games. From 1975 to 1990 most of the players of national teams were selected from these meets. The government has set up the National Sports Education Centre at Savar, Dhaka to groom up the potential players and athletes.

Bangladesh has some traditional games, which are still popular in rural areas. These are Ha-du-du, Golla soot, Bouchi, Horse-race, Cock-fight, Bull fight, Boat race and other popular events are Athletics, Boxing, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket and Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Swimming, Table-Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Wrestling.

The National Sports Council (NSC) bill was amended in 1974 for the development of sports and games in the country. All sports Federation and Divisional and District sports organisations were affiliated to the NSC for holding games and sports, arranging coaching and training from grass root level.

Types of Games There are many types of games and sport played throughout the world. Of them some selected games are played in official tournaments like Olympic, World-Cup and other International meets. On that perspective Games are classified into two categories: a) Indoor Games and b) Out-door Games. Now a day, each and every continent is fond of practicing almost all popular events like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Handball and Tennis.

Indoor games there are some selective indoor games are played in multi gym or covered court. It required sufficient light and reasonable temperature to stage the games suitably. Those games are: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Fencing, Boxing, Wrestling, Billiard and Snooker, Bowling, Weight Lifting, Body building etc. Of those games some are played straight to the indoor gym. But some times some of those games mentioned can be played in out door. In International competition it is seen that Football, Athletics, Swimming, Ice hickey, Calisthenics etc. also played in indoor gymnasium.

Out door games Football, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Hockey, Archery, Equestrians, Shooting etc are played in outdoor. Besides there are games like Sailing or Boat-racing are played in a sea or big river. Golf is played in a vast area of garden type field with multiple points of playing smooth surfaces. Cycling and Car racing events are needed hundreds of mile long free standard road etc.

Popular Games The popularity of games depends upon how many people like it or to play it genuinely. Generally Football is the game that almost every nation likes it. In Europe, Football is dominating game as the most popular game. In America, Basketball and Base Ball have taken the lead as the popular game. In Asia Cricket is dominating as the most popular sport. Cricket has captured an envious position in large scale of crowd with the two dozens of cricket playing nations. Tennis, car racing and wrestling are also popular in all continents. Olympic Games, World Cup Football, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, European Football Tournament, Golf PGA Tour, US open Tennis Tournament, Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, SEA Games, SA Games etc. are very popular tournaments.

Sports and Education Sports and games play a lead role in spreading education. 'Health is Wealth' and 'Healthy body, healthy mind'- these popular proverbs inspire healthy thinking to keep fit our children and our future generation physically and mentally. Sports educate people to make sport coaches, sport educator and sport administrator. In developed country like America, Europe and Australia there are a number of educational institutions are available to learn sports oriented education.

Sports and Social relationship International Olympic Committee (IOC) promotes world peace and friendship among nations through Olympic Games, by holding it just after 4 years term from one continent to other. Almost all nations have been taking part irrespective of race, culture, color and religion. They take part in various games each other with great enthusiast and make friendship whatever the results are there in competition. Forgetting war and tussle, every nation stands in a row in the field of sports to celebrate the games with great enthusiast on that particular days stipulated for them to stay together.

Sports and Environment development There are certain grand sport celebrations such a World Olympics, World Championship of different popular games, World Cup of certain games, Asian Games, Euro Football Championship, Commonwealth Games, Asian Championships, SA games etc; Before staging the games, the host country takes necessary steps for preparing the pollution free environment, stadium, play grounds and requisite infrastructures. A sports competition requires clean, clear, smooth, fresh and acceptable playing environment. The host city and suburb are also important to be cleaned during competition.

Sports and Public Welfare Sports can also be helpful for public welfare. A renowned sports personality becomes the idol of young generations now a day. An ideal sportsman is followed by a number of young people to lead an ideal life by making them good athletes and good people. Sometimes, The United Nations and world famous organisations prefer star sports personality as their good will Ambassador to travel across the world help distress people giving them consolation and making awareness of avoiding evil practices. Besides, a number of beneficial matches organised for the help of veteran players and distressed people.

Sports and Commerce When a popular game or Olympics game is organized, a huge amount of capital is invested. Advertisement business to promote various products and services of different companies has become very popular now-a-days. They bring the star players as the model of products for big selling of their products. Before the game starts, at the middle of the game that is in half time recession and in the ending of the game electronics media gets ready to telecast all those charming advertisements for audience.

Sports and Spectators Spectators are the life of any sports meet. The art of playing games and sports become successful when the stadium is poured with spectators. Players in the field feel a heroic atmosphere to show their best performance before spectator. A section of spectators always travel to witness their favourite teams sports spending a lot of money.

Sports and Organiser Experienced organisers play an important role to organise any games or tournament faultless. The directives and planning of sports organisers are very important factors.

Sports and Hero A medal winning from international games by an athlete makes him pride to lead him or her further achievement and the country of the athlete is honored simultaneously. The athlete or the team gets honour from the countrymen. This can be the asset of life of a young athlete if he or she practices games and sports regularly.

Sports and Art Now a day, some events in sports and games have become a sort of performing art. For example, when gymnasts or acrobats perform their various artistic movements on the floor, the charming profile of body movements show spectacular scene of the spectator's mind. Similarly synchronised swimming, diving are not less than any fine art in terms of aesthetics, accuracy and rhythm.

Sports and Discipline Sports and games are conducted by certain set of rules. All officials and players bound to abide by the rules. The rules mean mainly to maintain discipline. Sports help all concerned to be disciplined in and outside of the playground.

Sports and Science Advanced and modern technology helps players, coaches and sports organizers to hold the meet properly. Some important Hi -Tech instruments are being used to judge the players ability of particular limbs and organs for selecting the best possible teams. Some controversial decisions are also solved with the help of modern technology. Games conducting, referees decisions, players training/coaching and performance evaluation are being analyzed through scientific instruments. Let alone, planning for the games and other necessary arrangements are guided by the modern technology. Sports medicine is also playing an important role for protecting the participants from injury and rehabilitating thereafter.

Sports and Media Technology has widened the opportunity of watching all kinds of popular games through satellite TV channels. A large number of people can now watch their favourite games and sports live from thousand miles away. The live coverage of sports events by media is enriching the knowledge of sports men, coaches and sports lovers. Thus the mass media is playing promotional role for the development of games and sports.

Sports and Women Bangladesh Women Sports Association with the help of all Divisional and District Sports Associations arranges coaching camp and competitions of Athletics, Volleyball, Handball, Kabadi, Swimming, Badminton Table-Tennis, and Judo etc. for women. They are also practicing football and Cricket regularly. Bangladesh could not earn any high profile achievement in sports and games within 40 years of its independence. [Shafiq Anwar]