Geanticline a broad land uplift; refers to the landmass from which sediments in a geosyncline are derived. The Himalayan orogenic belt, a part of the great arcuate orogenic belt extending from Spain to Indonesia, is characterised by four major lithotectonic-physiographic belts with distinctive tectonic architecture, lithostratigraphic and evolutionary history, episodes of magmatism and metamorphism. The southern ranges of the outer Himalayan Siwalik belt are made up of Tertiary and Early Pleistocene, mostly molluscous sediments. The Lesser Himalayas is strongly folded and multiply severely thrusted sedimentary and metamorphic rocks incorporating large bodies of plutonic and volcanic materials mostly of Palaeozoic and Precambrian with scattered Paleogene sediments. The Great himalayas is constituted of homoclinal or gently folded Early Precambrian metamorphics intruded by Middle Tertiary granite. tethys Himalayas to the north of the Great Himalayas is made up of huge piles of richly fossiliferous sediments of Late Precambrian to Upper Cretaceous. [ASM Woobaidullah]