Gulshan Club

Gulshan Club is situated in Gulshan, Dhaka. This is the second most popular club, next to the Dhaka Club Ltd. Prominent residents of Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara founded the Gulshan Club in December 1978. The Club registered under the Joint Stock Companies Act, 1913 is officially called Gulshan Club Limited. Membership is restricted to the permanent residents of Banani, Gulshan and Baridhara. This is a relatively expensive club for socialisation and recreation. The facilities of the club like bars, gyms, swimming pool, restaurants, guest houses, games, are open to members. The club is managed by a 12-member Executive Committee headed by its President as per the laws and by-laws enacted in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The members of the club elect the Executive Committee annually.

The Club admits eight categories of members, namely, Donor, Life, Permanent, Senior, Corporate, Temporary, Honorary and Associate. Membership is restricted to 900. Of them 600 are permanent, 200 Donor and 100 life members. In addition, a maximum of 50 Honourary members can be admitted. Membership fees vary between the categories and the amount changes over time. As a social club it works as a centre for fellowship, socialization, fraternity, networking and recreation for the members' families and friends. It has a complex of facilities like, TV lounges, dining halls, restaurants with bars, billiard rooms, squash courts, health clubs, swimming pool, tennis courts, theatre/ cinema / movie halls, guest houses, library, etc.

The Gulshan Club' has established special arrangements on reciprocal basis with comparable clubs in and outside Bangladesh so that members can get access to and utilize the facilities of those clubs abroad. The affiliated foreign clubs are located in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lahore, Karachi, Sri Lanka, Sydney, New Zealand, Canada and USA. Beside, the clubs also sponsors exchanges of celebrities (singer, dancers, musicians, cricketers, etc). It works as a medium of cultural and social development. It also participates in national events. It observes various National Days including an annual Milad Mahfil. It organises various events for young children of its members. As a social club it also responds to various corporate social responsibilities with financial support. [Najma Siddiqi]