Gupta, Jogendranath

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Gupta, Jogendranath (1893-1964) historian and litterateur, was born at Vikrampur, Dhaka. Jogendranath Gupta completed primary school, but was unable to continue further because of financial reasons. He became a schoolteacher and subsequently took up a job at the zamindari serest'a in Mymensingh.

Jogendranath developed his writing habits and literary talent by editing journals and periodicals. Among the journals he edited were the monthly Pathik (1904), the quarterly Vikrampur (1906-18), the quarterly Kaishorak (1913-18), and the monthly Kishore Bh'a'rat'i. He wrote more than a hundred books in various genres, including history and biography. His books on history include Vikrampurer Itih'a's (History of Vikrampur, 1909), Vikrampurer Bibaran (Description of Vikrampur, 2 volumes, 1939), Bangalar Itihas (History of Bengal), Bharater Itihas (History of India), P'r'ithiv'i'r Itihas (History of the World, 21 Volumes, 1918-1925). His Vikrampurer Bibara'n is still considered to be the most authentic source book on Vikrampur. 
Among Jogendranath';s several biographies of renowned personalities are Kedar Ray, Maharsi Debendranath Thakur, Vidyasagar, Gandhijir Jibanyajna (Life and Works of Gandhi), S'a'dhak Kavi Ramprasad (The Accomplished Poet Ramprasad), Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Rabindranath, Tarabai, Jhansir Rani, Rani Durgavati, Ranajit Singh, Gurugobinda Singh, Abraham Lincoln, Garibaldi. He also wrote plays and novels, among them Parashma'n'i (1927), M'a'dhab'i (1930), Priyatam'a, Subhaksa'n, G'r'halaksm'i', Sh'a'ntilat'a', R'u'per 'A'gun, Pall'i'badh'u', Premer Abhi's'ek, 'A'n'a'rkali (drama, 1909). The common theme of his books on history, biography and literature is the nobility and magnanimity of human life. 
Jogendranath was appointed 'Girish Lecturer'; at Calcutta University and awarded the 'Bhuban Mohini Medal';. [Wakil Ahmed] [Ahmed, Wakil  former Vice Chancellor, National University]