Hossain, Kazi Akram

Hossain, Kazi Akram (1896-1963) educationist and litterateur, was born in the village of Paigram in kasba. He took an MA in English (1920) from Presidency College, Kolkata. While still studying, he taught briefly at a school and also worked at the daily Sebak as assistant editor. Subsequently, he taught at Sirajganj Islamia College, sadat college, Karatia (1923-30), Calcutta Islamia College (1930-40), rajshahi college (1931-53), Pabna Edward College, etc. He became Principal (1958) of Khulna Women's College from where he retired in 1961.

While at Presidency College he had come in touch with sheikh habibur rahman and become associated with the Siddiqia Sahitya Samity. Apart from his first book, Islamer Itihas (The History of Islam, 1924), he mainly wrote poems and translations. His books of poems are Nawroz (1938), Pallivani (1943), Pather Banshi (1945), Amra Bangali (1945). Among his translations are Muktivani (1943), Yugavani (1943), Masnavi Rumi (1948), Karima-i-Sadi, (1948), Diwan-i-Hafiz (1961).

Kazi Akram Hossain died on 18 February 1963. [Badiuzzaman]