Husain Quli Beg

Husain Quli Beg subahdar of Bengal. He was the son of Wali Beg Zul-Qadr and nephew of Bairam Khan Khan-i-Khanan. Husain Quli Beg began his career as an ordinary soldier under akbar. At the time of Bairam Khan's revolt, Husain Quli Beg together with his father sided with his maternal uncle. After the fall of Bairam Khan, Akbar imprisoned him. Later pardoned and reinstated, Husain Quli served the Mughal cause with utmost sincerity and loyalty for the rest of his life and rose through the ladder rapidly. After the death of Munim Khan, Akbar appointed him subahdar of Bengal in 1575 with the title of Khan-i-Jahan.

Khan-i-Jahan's main task in Bengal was to recover the province from the hands of the Afghans and to establish Mughal authority. After a prolonged struggle he defeated the Afghans in the Battle of rajmahal on 12 July 1576 and captured and beheaded daud khan karrani, the Afghan sultan of Bengal. He moved forward, defeated the remnants of Daud's adherents and annexed satgaon.

The defeat and subsequent death of Daud, however, did not fully clear the way for the Mughals in Bengal. New troubles broke out in the Bhati area where the defiant Afghan chieftains and the Bhuiyans were preparing to renew their struggle against the Mughals under the leadership of isa khan. In order to chastise Isa and his allies, Khan-i-Jahan invaded the Bhati region in 1578 and encamped at Bhawal. Despite some initial success, the Mughal army was severely defeated by Isa Khan in a fierce naval engagement at Kastul. Khan-i-Jahan left Bhati and died in 1578 at a place near tandaH, the Mughal capital of Bengal. [AA Sheikh Md Asrarul Hoque Chisti]