Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah

Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah (1349-1352) sultan of Bengal. He was the immediate successor of fakhruddin mubarak shah (1338-1349) to the sultanat of Sonargoan. The written histories totally ignore the existence of this monarch, and he is known only from the evidence of coins. The only mention of his name is found in a sufi treatise titled Malfuz-us-Safr. Fakhruddin';s coins ceased to be minted sometime in 750 AH (1349 AD), when he died, and from the same year a series of coins continued to be minted from Sonargoan till 753 AH (1352 AD) by Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah. Opinions vary as to the relation between Fakhruddin and his immediate successor, Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah. In his coins, Ikhtiyaruddin calls himself al-sultan bin al-sultan. In consideration of the immediate consecutive dates in coins, common mintage and absolute identity of the fabric of the coins, the close affinity in title assumed, and his introduction as al-sultan bin al-sultan, Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah can undoubtedly be identified as the son of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah.

Nothing substantial is known about the rule of Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah. He ruled over a kingdom comprising the whole of eastern Bengal and the eastern part of southern Bengal for three years. From an indirect reference that Arakan king Mengdi conquered Chittagong in 1350 AD, it can be surmised that Chittagong which remained a part of the sultanat of Sonargoan since its conquest by Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah in 1340 AD was lost to the kingdom in the second year of the reign of his successor, Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah.

Sultan Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah continued to rule in Sonargoan till the end of 753 AH (1352 AD) when Shamsuddin Iliyas Shah, sultan of Lakhnauti, led an expedition to capture Sonargoan. In the battle that followed, Ikhtiyaruddin was defeated and killed, and thus ended the independent dynastic rule under the house of Fakhruddin in Sonargoan. The whole realm under the Sultanat of Sonargoan was annexed to the kingdom of Lakhnauti. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]