International Dance Committee

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International Dance Committee (Bangladesh Centre) a branch of the International Theatre Institute, Bangladesh Centre. Its 9-member committee is headed by a president and a general secretary. The primary function of the dance committee is to exchange ideas concerning the dance traditions of different races of the world and thereby enrich the world culture of dance. Among its objectives is the establishment of an international cultural link through dance. It aims to contribute to the world culture of dance, to understand the movements of this culture and to determine the role dance can play in the promotion of human welfare. The western dance reformer, Jean Georges Novera (born 29 April 1727), freed dance from its narrow confines and raised it to the height of opera. In recognition of his contribution, April 29 of every year is observed as international dance day. The day is observed in Bangladesh with processions, discussions on TV and stage, and dance performances. Artistes from Dhaka and other places participate in these festivities. [Laila Hasan]