Jahangir Quli Beg

Jahangir Quli Beg Mughal subahdar of Bengal (1607-1608). His real name was Lalah Beg. His father Nizam was the librarian of Delhi emperor Humayun. Lalah Beg happened to be the personal attendant of Prince Mirza Hakim, governor of Kabul. Later he took a job under Emperor Akbar, and was deputed to serve as attendant of Prince Selim. Lalah Beg was thus known as Jahangir Quli (meaning a servant of Jahangir). But he steadily rose to high office of amir of the imperial court by dint of his ability, and was granted a mansab of 4500. Prior to his assignment in bengal he was the governor of bihar.

Nothing is known about his activities as the subahdar of Bengal. He came to Bengal at an advanced age and could not stand the climate of the province. He soon became ill, and died within a year of his assumption of office. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]