Jamalpur Zila School

Jamalpur Zila School one of the oldest schools of the country, was founded initially as a minor school, by the then Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) of Jamalpur T A Dono (1868-1882). In 1881, the minor school was upgraded to an Entrance level after renaming at as Dono High School. In the next year the school was brought under the government's endowment scheme and it was renamed as Jamalpur Dono English High School. It was made a fully government school in 1912 and given the name of Jamalpur Government School. When Jamalpur was made a district from sub-division in 1979, the name of the school was changed as Jamalpur Zila School. The school had two student hostels, one for Hindu and the other for Muslim students.

The school is located on a land of over 12 acres of land. It has several establishments which include: 3 three-storied academic buildings, one two-storied and two single-storied buildings, one two-storyed hostel building, four tin-shaded semi pucca houses, one mosque and a pond. At present, the school has 1570 students and 50 teachers. The school has 14 supporting staff and five laboratories, two computer labs and a library. About 90% students pass out every year in SSC Examination. The percentage of students passing out with distinction is also very high. The founding headmaster of the school was Shashanka Shekhor Bhattacharya (1912-1924). [Halima Khatun]