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Kasba is an administrative unit of the Sultani rulers. The administrative units, such as, Iqlim, Iqta, Erta, Zoar and Kasba have been mentioned in the contemporary texts. So far 37 Kasbas could be traced in the region of Bangladesh. Most of the Kasbas had been within or near about the present district towns. The distance of one Kasba from another is also interesting. It is noticed that official titles were associated with some of the kasbas eg, kazir kasba, kotowaler kasba, town kasba, nagar kasba etc. Considering the location, distance of one from another, communication system with the central or Provincial Capital, attachment of official titles etc it may be taken that kasbas were administrative units and were equivalent to districts. An administrative officer, a Quazi and a Kotwal were in charge of a Kasba. Most of the Kasbas lost their former importance during the Mughal period.

Some of the Kasbas are: Kazir Kasba and Nagar Kasba of Munshiganj district; Kasba Atia of Tangail district; Kasba of Brahmanbaria district; Town Kasba of Lakshmipur district; Kasba Nurpur of greater Rangpur; Kasba Sagarpur of Dinajpur; Paygram Kasba of Khulna; Choara Kasba, Amrul Kasba, Kismat Kasba and Kasba Manda of greater Rajshahi district and Bara Kasba and Lakheraj Kasba of Gaurnadi upazila. [Ahmed Amin Chowdhury]