Khan, Mujibur Rahman1

Khan, Mujibur Rahman1 (1873-1940) journalist and Indian nationalist activist. Mujibur Rahman Khan was born in Nehalpur, Bashirhat, 24 Parganas. He began his association with newspapers at first as a letter-writer to various newspapers and periodicals, particularly to the bengalee of surendranath banerjea. Later, he became a feature writer for two monthlies - Mihir and Sudhakar. He worked for some time as an editor of the weekly, Islam Rabi. In 1906, Rahman was appointed editor of the English weekly, The Mussalman, established by Barrister abdur rasul. He served the paper for thirty years. During this period, as a nationalist thinker and activist, Mujibur Rahman came in contact with most Indian national leaders, particularly with subhash chandra bose.

As an Indian nationalist, Mujibur Rahman incurred the displeasure of the management, which was now more sympathetic to Muslim League activities. He was forced to leave The Mussalman in 1936. In 1937, he established an English periodical called The Comrade with the help of his nationalist friends. The name 'Comrade' was borrowed from Moulana Mohammad Ali's anti-imperialist newspaper named 'Comrade', published during the Balkan War. But within a few month of founding the paper he had a stroke and was paralysed. He died in October 1940. [Syed Ali Imam]