Khan, Nawazish Muhammad

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Khan, Nawazish Muhammad naib nazim (deputy governor) of Dhaka. His original name was Muhammad Raza. He came to subah Bangala with his father Haji Ahmed and uncle alivardi khan, and started his career as a petty officer under shujauddin muhammad khan, the naib nazim of Orissa. On the latter's accession to the throne of murshidabad Nawazish Muhammad Khan served as the paymaster (bakhshi) of the nawab's troops and superintendent of customs at Murshidabad.

Nawazish Muhammad Khan married Meherunnissa, known as ghaseti begum, the eldest daughter of Alivardi Khan. After the accession of Alivardi Khan to the throne of Murshidabad, Nawazish was appointed diwan of crown lands and naib nazim of Dhaka with Husain Quli Khan as his deputy. He was given the title of Shahmat Jang. Being a sickly imbecile, he had left the management of his affairs to his wife Ghaseti Begum and her favourite Husain Quli Khan.

Childless Nawazish and Ghaseti had adopted Ikramuddaula, the younger brother of sirajuddaula and brought him up with care. Unfortunately the boy died of small pox and thus plunged Ghaseti and Nawazish with profound shock. Nawazish did not survive his favourite for long and died in December 1755. [KM Karim]