Knatchbull, Michael Herbert Rudolf

Knatchbull, Michael Herbert Rudolf (1895-1939) Governor of Mumbai and Bengal province in British India. Son of Cecil Markers Braborne and Helene Rozina Fredarica Braninghen, Knatchbull was born on 8 May in 1895. Knatchbull was educated at Wellington College and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. He joined in the first World War as the officer of the Royal Cavalry, Field Artillery forces and then Royal Air Force. Knatchbull was elected Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashford in 1931 and served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Samuel Hoare, Secretary of State for India, from 1932 to 1933. In 1933-37 he served as the governor general of Mumbai and from 1937-39, he served as the governor of Bengal. He was appointed as the acting Vice-Roy of India in 1938 for a short time. Michael Herbert Rudolf Knatchbull died on 23 February 1939 in Kolkata. [Mamunur Rashid]