Kotwali Thana (Dhaka Metropolitan)

Kotwali Thana (Dhaka Metropolitan) area 0.67 sq km, located in between 23'41' and 23'42' north latitudes and in between 90'24' and 90'25' east longitudes. It is bounded by bangshal thana on the north, keraniganj upazila on the south, surtapur thana on the east, chawkbazar model thana on the west.

Population Total 82488; male 52922, female 29566; Muslim 60321, Hindu 22033, Buddhist 124, Christian 10.

Water bodies Main rivers: buriganga.

Administration Kotwali Thana was formed in 1976.

Ward Mohalla Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Urban Rural Urban Rural

2+2 (part)







Name number of Ward Area (sq km) Population Literacy rate (%)
Male Female

Ward no. 66 (part)





Ward no. 68 (part)





Ward no. 72





Ward no. 73





Source  Bangladesh Population Census- 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Archaeological heritage and relics ahsan manzil (1872).

Religious institutions Awlad Hossain Lane Jami Mosque, Al Araka Jami Mosque, Kamartuli Jami Mosque, Patuatuli Jami Mosque, Sadarghat Jami Mosque, Zindabahar Jami Mosque, Shahjalal Mia Jami Mosque, Babu Bazar Ghat Jami Mosque, Jagannath Jeo Thakur Mandir, Lakshmi-Narayan Mandir, Sree Sree Radha-Krishna Bighro Mandir and Holly Cross Charch are notable.

Literacy rate and educational institutions Average literacy 77.78%; male 80.59%, female 73.06%. Noted educational institutions: Jagannath University (2005), Bangla Bazar Girls' High School, Dhaka Govt. Collegiate School, Pogose School (1828), Prosonno Das Lane Govt. Primary School, Chhota Katra Govt. Al Jamiatul Islamia Arabia Madarsa.

Cultural organisations Club, library, town hall, cinema hall, theater group, theater stage, women organisation, museum, gymnasium, playground.

Important installation Judge's Courts, Metropolitan Magistrate's Courts, Sadar Ghat, Debi Ghat, Swari Ghat, BIWTC Steamer Ghat.

Tourist spot Ahsan Manzil, Bahadur Shah Park, Nawabbari Pond.

Main sources of income Agriculture 0.75%,' non-agricultural labourer 0.41%, industry 3.41%, commerce 47.99%, transport and communication 0.84%, service 31.36%, construction 0.57%, religious service 0.07%, rent and remittance 2.10% and others 12.5%.

Ownership of agricultural land Landowner 39.98%, landless 60.02%.

Communication facilities Total roads: 55.35 km.

Extinct or nearly extinct Traditional transport Palanquin, horse carriage and bullock cart.

Noted manufactories Engineering Industry, lad and welding factory.

Hats, bazars and shopping centres Shankari Patti, Tanti Bazar, Babu Bazar, Bangla Bazar Book Market, Midford Market, Gulshan Ara Shopping Complex are notable.

Main exports Medicine, iron made product, sanitary and electric parts.

Access to electricity All the wards of the thana are under electrification net-work; however, 98.58% dwelling households have access to electricity.

Sources of drinking water Tube-well 7.8%, pond 0.16%, tap 86.74% and others 5.3%.

Sanitation 95.22% of dwelling households of the thana use sanitary latrines and 4.50% of dwelling houses use non-sanitary latrines; 0.28% of households do not have latrine facilities.

Health centres Midford Health Centre, UPHCP Clinic, Dhaka Clinic, Razia Clinic Private Limited, Arafat Medical Private Limited, Nagar Primary Health Centre.

NGO activities Urban Development Committee. [Syed Marufuzzaman]

References Bangladesh Population Census 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.