Laksmana Manikya

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Laksmana Manikya a ruler of bhulua, situated in the southern part of greater Noakhali, in the late 16th century. The most of the land of the kingdom, washed away by the Meghna River, is now largely non-existent.

The history of Bhulua is closely related to two of its powerful neighbours - Tripura to the Northeast and chandradvipa to the West. Rulers of Bhulua were powerful vassals of Tripura. Of the rulers of Bhulua, Laksmana Manikya was the most renowned. He had conflict with Ramchandra, the son and successor of kandarpanarayana of Chandradvip. Ramchandra planned a lightning assault, sailed with his warships, beguiled Laksmana Manikya, brought him captive and kept him confined. When he came to visit his royal prisoner the latter did not show him respect and Ramchandra, infuriated at this audacity, killed him.

Laksmana Manikya has two Sanskrit plays to his credit. These are, Vikhyata-vijay, based on the battle of Karna and Arjuna as related in the Mahabharata and Kuvalayasva-charita, based on the story of Madalasa and Kuvalayasva as related in the Mahabharata.

Ananta Manikya, his son, succeeded him and fled to Arakan after his defeat at the hands of the Mughals in 1611. Thus the ruling house came to an end. [Shahnaj Husne Jahan]