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Laksmidhar (11th century) Sanskrit poet, and, according to the personal account given in his 22-episode epic Chakrapanivijay, son of Shristambha and resident of village Bhattankita Koshal or Bhattakoshal in Gauda. Some scholars believe that the present-day Kushail in bogra was his village. He became a courtier of Paramar Raj or Dhararaj Bhoj (1000-45) of Malawi. According to some scholars, he was a courtier of Bhojbarmadev, the king of Bengal (12th century).

Chakrapanivijay is about the marriage of Usa, daughter of Banasur. Noted anthologies such as Subhasitaratnakox and Saduktikarnamrta include some shlokas attributed to Lakshmidhar. [Suresh Chandra Banerjee]