Liberation War of Bangladesh: Documents

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Liberation War of Bangladesh: Documents a 15-volume series of records and documents on the Liberation War of Bangladesh and published in 1982 by the Ministry of Information, Government of Bangladesh and reproduced again in 2004 by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. In 1978 the Government undertook a programme for the collection of facts about the Liberation War and formed a 9-member Authentication Committee that included Professor Mafizullah Kabir as Chairman and Professor Salahuddin Ahmad, Professor Anisuzzaman, Professor Safar Ali Akand, Dr Enamul Huq, Dr KM Karim, Professor KM Mohsin and Professor Shamsul Huda Harun as members. Hasan Hafizur Rahman was the chief executive of the project and Secretary of the Authentication Committee.

The respective volumes dealt with particular areas of records and documents. These are as follows:

First Volume: Background (1905-1958); Second Volume: Background (1958-1971); Third volume: Mujibnagar government: Administration; Fourth Volume: Mujibnagar government: liberation activities of the liberation forces; Fifth Volume: Mujibnagar government: Radio and other publicity Programmes; Sixth Volume: Mass Media; Seventh Volume: Pakistani papers and documents (Government and Private); Eighth Volume: Genocide, Refugee Camps and Primary Events; Ninth Volume: Armed Struggle (i); Tenth Volume: Armed Struggle (ii); Eleventh Volume: Armed Struggle (iii); Twelfth Volume: Foreign Reaction, India; Thirteenth Volume: Foreign Reaction, UNO and Foreign Countries; Fourteenth Volume: World Opinion; and Fifteenth Volume: Interviews. The Sixteenth Volume: Chronology, References and Indexes is yet to be published.

This is the official series of documents and records so far classified and preserved in the form of this book of documents. Hasan Hafizur Rahman worked as the key person for the implementation of the document collection and publication of this project. This series was reprinted in 2004 by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh (est 2004) adding to it five more volumes of records and interpretations on the War of Liberation. [Ashfaque Hossain]