Mahabbat Khan

Mahabbat Khan subahdar of Bengal (1625-1626). He entered Mughal service as an Ahadi under akbar, rose to the rank of 3000 under jahangir and ultimately got the title of Khan-i-Khanan from shahjahan. His father Ghiwar Beg Kabuli came from Shiraj to Kabul and thence to India.

A veteran general, Mahabbat Khan served under Jahangir in various capacities. Jahangir summoned him to suppress the rebellion of Khurram (Shahjahan). In 1625 he was appointed Subahdar of Bengal and served in this capacity for about a year. He killed Darab Khan at the orders of Jahangir. Later on, for various reasons, he rebelled against the emperor and took him prisoner. After the failure of his venture he fled towards the Deccan. Shahjahan, on accession to the throne, made him the Subahdar of Ajmeer. Later he was transferred to the Deccan where he died in 1634. [MA Taher]