Mahe-Nao an illustrated monthly journal, published from April 1949 to November 1971 by the Department of Publications. It was one of the few literary periodicals of East Pakistan that steadfastly advocated the ideals of Pakistan and the need for unity and solidarity of its two wings.

The early five issues of Mahe-Nao, under the editorship of Abdur Rashid, were published from Karachi but printed in dhaka at Shrikanta Press, Naya Bazar. From the sixth issue it was published from Dhaka. The journal projected a Pakistani culture and advocated communal and religious nationalism. It attempted to introduce a distinct 'Islamic Bangla'; with an admixture of Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Turkish, vocabulary, ignoring the existing literary styles of both sadhu (formal) and chalita (colloquial) Bangla. Mahe-Nao attempted to create Bengali writers imbued with the spirit of Pakistan.

Mahe-Nao appeared on the first day of every English month, coinciding with a Bengali mid-month. The year was counted from April to March, following the government';s financial calendar. Yearly subscription rates, including postage, were Rs 5.50, the price per issue being 50 paisa. Its size was 9.57.5. After Abdur Rashid, the journal was edited by Mizanur Rahman, muhammad mansuruddin, abdul quadir and Talim Husain. The first issue of Mahe-Nao carried a photograph of mohammed ali jinnah as well as an article entitled 'Quaid-e-Azam Rahmatullah Alaihe'.

Among well-known poets and writers of Bangladesh who used to write for this journal are Muhammad Abdul Hai, Muhammad Shahidullah, Enamul haq, Benajir Ahmed, Shawkat Osman, Abul Kalam Shamsuddin, Muhammad Mansuruddin, Jasimuddin, Sufia Kamal, Ashraf Siddiqui, Habibullah Bahar, Abu Zafar Shamsuddin, Ibrahim Khan, Abul Fazal, Abdul Karim Shahityavisharad, Ali Ahsan, Mohammad Akram Khan, Bande Ali Mia, Ahmad Sharif, Sarder Jayenuddin, Abdullah Al-muti Sharfuddin, Sikander Abu Zafar, Golam Mustafa, Muhammad Wajed Ali, Abu Rushd, Shamsur Rahman, Farrukh Ahmad and Syed Shamsul Huq. Mahe-Nao stopped publication after November 1971. [AHM Shafiqul Mowla]