Maizbhandari Gan

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Maizbhandari Gan mystic folk songs of the Maizbhandari cult, started in Chittagong about a century ago by Syed Ahmadullah (1826-1906), a resident of the village of Maizbhandar under Fatikchhari in chittagong. He and his followers used to assemble at Maizbhandar to practise mystic rites and sing spiritual songs. The cult became known as Maizbhandari and the songs as Maizbhandari songs.

Maizbhandari songs praise Allah, the Prophet muhammad (Sm), and Muslim saints and pirs. While many of these songs have been compiled and published, many must have been lost. Ramesh Shil of Chittagong is perhaps the most famous composer of Maizbhandari songs with three collections of songs: Bhandare Maola, Shanti Bhandar and Ashek Mala. Abdul Hadi, Abdul Ghani, Bazlul Karim, Abdullah, and Mahbubul Alam have also composed Maizbhandari songs. The songs are about love for humanity, morality, non-communalism and divine love. Maizbhandari songs have spread beyond Chittagong and are now also sung by singers who are not followers of the cult at different cultural functions and on radio and television. Maizbhandari songs are also available on audio-cassettes. [Wakil Ahmed]