Majumdar, Kedarnath

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Majumdar, Kedarnath (1870-1926) journalist, social worker, writer and a researcher. He was born in village Kapasatia, in Kishoreganj district. His father lived in village Gachihata in the same district. After passing the Entrance examination from Mymensingh Zilla School, he strated life as a journalist. The periodical Kumar was published under his supervision when he was 27. After that, he published two more monthlies, Basana in 1306 BS (1912-13) and Arati in 1307 (1913-14) from Mymensingh. He earned fame as the sponsor of various literary conferences and exhibitions. The Purnima Sahitya Sammelan (Purnima Literary Conference) was successfully held at Gouripur through Kedarnath's efforts. He played pioneering role in holding literary and cultural conferences at Mymensingh, Kishoreganj, Jamalpur and Sherpur.

In memory of his departed mother Kedarnath Mujumdar founded in Mymensingh town the 'Jaydurga Middle English School', which later grew into a High School and was known as 'Jaydurga Institution'. He also set up a library after his mother's name at his native village. At his initiative, a 'Literary Society' was set up in Mymensingh town.

Kedarnath Mujumdar founded a research centre called 'Research House' and himself became its Director. Mujumdar made special contributions to the cultivation of regional history. His Maymansingher Itihas earned fame as a remarkable book. His other notable writings include Dhakar Bibarani (BS1316), Samayik Sahitya (BS1324), Ramayaner Samaj (1927), shubhadrsti, Samasya, Gadya Sahitya, Chinta, Maymansingha Sahachar, Maymansingher Bibaran. He was also known as a textbook writer. Kedarnath Majumdar died at Mymensingh in 1926. [Golam Kibria Bhuiya]