Majumder, Surendranath

Majumder, Surendranath (1838-1878) lyrical poet, born in jessore. He studied at Free Church Institution, Hare School and Oriental Seminary at Kolkata. Apart from Bangla, he was proficient in Sanskrit, Persian, and English.

He worked at the Thakur Bari Estate, in Kolkata. He was fond of wine and women and led a bohemian life for some time. He was a regular contributor to Bibidartha Sanggraha-O-Pradip, Samiran, Chikitsa-tattva Bijvan, Nalini, etc. His poems focus on the human body and physical love. His books of poems include Sadartu Barnan (1856), Sabita Sudarshan (1870), Fullara (1870), Barsabartan (1872), and Mahila (1880). In Mahila, which is considered to be his best book of poems, he glorifies women as mothers, daughters and wives. His other books include Bishva-Rahasya (1877). Besides, he wrote a play Hamir (1881); a translated book Rajsthaner Itibritta (1872-1873) into five volumes based on Todd's book and with a view to Chaitramela he wrote Bharater british Shasan Paridarsan (1869). [Sushanta Sarker]