Maladhar Basu

Maladhar Basu (15th-16th century AD) medieval poet of bangla literature, born in a kayastha family of Kulingram in Burdwan district, west bengal. He was an adviser to Husain Shah, king of gauda. It was with his assistance that rupa goswami and Sanatan Goswami were appointed to the royal court.

srikrishnavijay, the only poetical work of Maladhar, was composed between 1473-1480 AD. It is a translation of the first and the eleventh cantos of the Bhagavata in sanskrit and sings of the splendour and glory of Sri krishna. Maladhar composed it with the intention of safeguarding hinduism against the increasing influence of islam. In this work, he stressed the divine image of Sri Krishna more than his playful one. Although Maladhar';s work is based on the Bhagavata, it manifests considerable originality. Maladhar Basu is credited with propagating and popularising the Bhagavata in Bengal before Sri chaitanya (1486-1533). In lucid and appealing language, he described the traditions and environment of Bengal that had existed from time immemorial and narrated tales from Hindu mythology in a highly entertaining and readable manner. Chaitanyadev used to enjoy reading Shrikrsvavijay. Maladhar Basu was honoured by Hussain Shah with the title of 'Gunaraj Khan' for his poetic achievements. [Wakil Ahmed]