Marine Fisheries Academy

Marine Fisheries Academy a public institution for the training of the professionals, situated on 10.33 acres of land on the bank of the Karnafuli three kilometres south of Chittagong city. The academy started functioning on 1 September 1973 under the management of the Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation. In 1988 it came under the administrative control of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock as a project. Later in 1993 the academy was included in revenue budget. The academy provides quality maritime education in a well planned and organised manner to develop skilled human resources for fishing or maritime sector. Marine Fisheries Academy is affiliated with national university of Bangladesh. The three years program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and a professional license that is Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) from Department of Shipping.

The functional authority of the academy is vested on the Principal who has three assisting organs namely Academic Council, Board of Studies and Board of Discipline. The academy has three departments such as Nautical, Marine Engineering and Marine Fisheries.

Since its inception the graduates of the academy started their career in the fishing fleet, maritime fields in home and abroad, in shore based Fish Processing Plants. Cadets are also building their career in many fields that are not related to the maritime profession.

In twenty first century, highly qualified seafarers are required to run advanced ships and modern trawlers. Moreover use of ocean area has expanded and new areas of study have evolved like environment, seabed resources, coastal zone management etc. Associated professions like port management, shipping management and international law require dedicated experts and scholars. The Marine Fisheries Academy develops trained manpower to face challenge of life in the sea. [M Hassan Zaman Khan]