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Matsyendranath (c 10-12 century AD) poet, founder of the Natha religious cult and writer of sanskrit books on tantricism. He was popularly known as Minanatha and was an inhabitant of either Chandradwip (Barisal) or Sandwip. Some scholars believe that Siddhacharya Luipa and Matsyendranath are the same person. The oldest Bangla verse, 'Kahanti Guru Paramarther Bata...', contained in the commentary of Ashcharyacharyashcharya was composed by Matsyendranath. Goraksanath was his disciple. People of the Yogi or Natha sect of Bengal are either descendants or disciples of Matsyendranath.

The fundamental principle of the Natha cult is the total release of the soul through yoga meditation. Matsyendra's ideas are contained in his Sanskrit books Kaulajvananirnaya, Akulaviratantra, Kulanandatantra and Jvanakarika. [Rabindra Nath Sarker]