Mizanur Rahmaner Traimasik Patrika

Mizanur Rahmaner Traimasik Patrika a quarterly Bangla journal established and edited by Mizanur Rahman (1931-1996). The first issue of the journal was published in March 1983 and its last issue in June 2006. The Patrika aimed at contributing to the enrichment of literature, music and arts. Within a short period, the Patrika made a significant impact on the domain of periodical literature of the country.

Mizanur Rahman named the journal after his own name. The first issue of the Patrika carried essays, poems, a play, a novel and introduction of periodicals and books. This trend continued for 23 years during which as many as eighty issues of it were published. It was the objective of the editor to present a journal of high quality without being influenced by the traditional literary trends. The Patrika itself set a style, which has been rare in the history of periodicals in Bengal and Bangladesh. Unlike other journals, the Patrika focused on literature, history, philosophy, culture, science, society, music, arts and cinema.

In his journal, Mizanur Rahman invited not only the litterateurs but also scientists, social scientists, historians and even painters to write. Every issue was quite voluminous and contained articles on many subjects contributed by subject specialists. Among the regular contributors were mostly eminent contributors from various disciplines.

Apart from its regular issues, the journal frequently published special issues which included 'Krishnadayal Basu Issue' (1984), 'Ahsan Habib Issue' (1985), 'Forest Issue' (1986), 'Kamrul Hasan Issue' (1987), 'Rashid Choudhury Issue' (1988), 'Birds Issue' (1989), 'Forest and Environment Issue' (1991), 'Shamsur Rahaman Issue' (1991), 'Mathematics Issue' (two vol. 1995), 'Vidyasagar Issue' (1997) and 'Rivers Issue' (1999). Each of these issues carried the stamp of the Patrika's varied interest and curiosity.

By bringing out the 'Vidyasagar Issue', the editor demonstrated his cultural obligation to introduce a great pioneer of the 19th century new thought to the rising generation of the 20th century. Similarly, by publishing the 700-page Birds Issue he showed his outlook to environment. It contained 41 articles/memoirs, three short stories, 19 poems, an anthology of three essays and, at the end, a short bibliography of books on birds. Through the poems, short stories, memoirs, proverbs and maxims, legends and folklores it was demonstrated that the birds occupied a vast arena in human life emotionally, in imagination and in language.

The superior intellectualism and high taste of the editor indicate that the journal had a mission. Soon after Mizanur Rahman died his journal also died. [Muhammad Saiful Islam]