Mohammadpur Krishi Market

Mohammadpur Krishi Market a market of agricultural commodities established on an area of 5 acres at Mohammadpur, Dhaka in 1978 under the ownership of the Directorate of Agricultural Marketing of Bangladesh. The head office of the directorate and its district office are situated at the south block of its main building. The market is bounded by the Shiah Mosque on the south and the Shyamoli link road and the Shekhertek residential area on the west. An advantage of the location of the market in the past was the river ghat (boat landing place) on its west. But now, the market had lost the advantage because the ghat and the riverbed adjacent to it had been filled in by new constructions and housing projects. The ownership of the market was taken over by the Dhaka City Corporation in 1982.

The construction of the market followed modern standards of urban planning. It has wide passages and good lighting and ventilation systems. Hundreds of trucks, pickups and rickshaw vans carry goods to the market everyday. At present, it has 150 shops. The market provides employment to 400 shop workers, 200 daily labourers, 200 rickshaw-van pullers, and 200 women and child labourers engaged in winnowing rice and pulses.

Originally established for trading in rice and pulses, the Mohammadpur Krishi Market now sells all kinds of grocery products. About 85% of the goods traded in the market are of domestic origin and the remaining 15% are imports from the neighbouring countries. Goods from local sources come mainly from Jamalpur, Sherpur, Bogra, Dinajpur, Kushtia and Rangpur districts. Daily turnover averages approximately Tk 15 million. Transactions take place in both cash and credit. The market sells goods to wholesale retail shops of different locations of the Dhaka city. Also many small bazaars and shops have grown around the market. [Sadat Ullah Khan]