Muazzin, The

Muazzin, The quarterly literary journal, launched in 1928, was the mouthpiece of the Khademul Ensan Samity. Mohammad Yusuf Ali Chowdhury and Syed Abdur Rab were its founding president and secretary respectively. NC Majumdar printed the journal from the Ambika Press. Its first issue was titled simply Baixakh 1335. Moulvi Moyazzem Hossain (Lalmiah), eldest son of Mayez Uddin Chowdhury, zamindar of Faridpur, was its main patron. The aim of the journal was epitomized in the title. Literally titled 'call to prayer', the journal aimed to awaken Muslim Bengalis and inspire a Muslim Bangla literature. Nevertheless, it possessed a non-communal outlook. In the third year a branch office was established at College Street, Kolkata.

The Muazzin was not merely interested only in giving verbal advice. It was keen to inspire society through actual examples and wipe out social and religious superstitions. It encouraged spread of modern education among Muslims. The journal also played a significant role in eradicating beggary by helping beggars start small businesses and raising general awareness of the plight of people affected by natural calamities. To meet these aims, thought-provoking stories, essays and poems were published in the journal. Many writers, including jasimuddin, qazi motahar husain, muhammad shahidullah and kazi nazrul islam wrote in the journal regularly. [Md Masud Parvez]